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Cementitious Materials Concrete Additives


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ECO-SILICA is a micron-scale new type of gelatinized material, green and environmental, produced from compound preparation and advanced super-fine powder grinding manufacturing technique, containing multiple high quality active material such as Silica Fume, etc. Featuring advantages of high fineness, high activity and high flow. As high-performance cement mixture and concrete additive, it is widely applied in cement, concrete and relative products.

  1. Packing: 1.3Mt / Big Bag.  25kg/bag.

  2. Origin: China


  • VALO Eco-Silica can be used in all concrete products.

  • VALO Eco-Silica cost is lower than the price of cement.

  • Can replace cement in a ratio of 1:1.3, which reduces the cement consumption and the cost of concrete.

  • Can replace GGBFS by 1:1, same time, also reduce 20-40kg cement in per cubic meter concrete. Under the condition of the same total weight, reduce the sands rate, increase the amount of crushed stone, and improve the strength of the concrete.

  • Reduce the heat of hydration of concrete and prevent cracking.

  • Reduce the ratio of water and cementitious materials.

  • Reduce harmful porosity.

  • Improve workability and pumping performance.

  • Increase the density of concrete; Improve toughness and durability.

  • Increase abrasion and corrosion resistance.

  • High fineness, High activity, and High fluidity.

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