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Polypropylene Fiber (PP Fiber)


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VALO-PP-Mesh-Fiber is made of polypropylene, it likes the staggered net formed by a lot of fiber monofilament. As a new kind of anti-crack fiber for concrete, PP-Mesh-Fiber is being the new hotspot for research and application in the field of fiber concrete after glass fiber and steel fiber.

Note: The range of length is 19-60mm, and according to your demand.


  1. The surface of bridges, concrete roads, factory grades, airport pavements, etc.

  2. The walls, top plates of tunnels and mines.

  3. The riverways, dams, tanks. etc.

  4. The piers, revetments, defending projects for military affairs etc.


  • Putting VALO-PP-Mesh-Fiber into concrete during the process of mixing, the cross-binding fibers could be destroyed into fiber monofilament or net structure stretches completely after mutual friction among them.

  • Then produce plenty of PP fiber monofilament, further prevents crack of concrete.

  • VALO-PP-Mesh-Fiber could effectively control the micro-crack caused by temperature change as well as plastic and dry shrinkage, further prevent the happening and development of crack.

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