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Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber (PVA)


وصف المنتج

VALO-PVA-Fiber is mainly used in sheet and section material and could prevent micro-crack of concrete caused by plastic shrinkage. This kind of environmental product is gradually taking place of asbestos and becomes a new kind of material.

Note: More lengths are being developed.


  1. Take place of asbestos and asbestos cement products.

  2. Light wallboard, insulation board and other building material.

  3. Make component of concrete, tubing, and board.

  4. Large acreage concrete pouring, such as quay.

  5. The roof, basement of industrial and residential building.

  6. The sprayed concrete, such as tunnel, mine, culvert, and side slope.


  • Anti-crack and anti-infiltration.

  • Anti-impact and anti-shock.

  • Anti-frost and anti-fatigue.

  • Anti-rub.

  • Increase toughness.

  • Weight reduction.

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