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VL-KZJ 800

Water Reducing Admixtures

Descripción del Producto

Due to the high water-reducing rate and plasticizing effects of the PCE new generation technology, the mix water ni concrete mix design (Minimum the WC/ Ratio) can be reduced about 20-40% ot have 28days' strength with 20~40% higher than the plain concrete without admixture based on the same quantity of cement and slump mm. VL-KZJ 800 have been manufactured under carefully controlled conditions to have a consistent quality that ensures uniform predictable performance in the concrete. Unlike Naphthalene-based superplasticizer rely on electrostatic repulsion, VL- KZJ 800 has been formulated on carboxylic ether polymers with long side chains to prevent the early stiffening of mix. 

At the beginning of the mixing process, ti initiates the same electrostatic dispersion mechanism as the conventional high range water reducing, but the side chains linked to the polymer backbone generate a steric hindrance which greatly stabilizes the cement particles ability to separate and disperse. The mechanism allows considerably smaller concrete shrinkage, better workability, and durability, less mixing water and higher early strength comparing to Naphthalene-based water reducer.

VL-KZJ 800 doesn' t contain added chlorides, alkali and Sodium Sulfate. It is formulated to comply with specifications of chemical admixture for concrete: GB 8076 and ASTM-C 494, Type A, Type Dand Type G.


Along with olw dosage and high water reduction rate, VL-KZJ80 has more outstanding advantages below.

  • High water-reducing rate, up to 40% with concrete mix design; - Superior slump retention combined with VL-KZJ650T;

  • Flesh concrete with the lowest water/cementitious ratio;

  • High early strength by combining with VL-KZJ300Q;

  • Low shrinkage and good water-repellent performance;

  • Improved surface finish and easy addition during the batching process;