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Water Reducing Admixtures

High-Range Water Reduction & Slump Retention

Descripción del Producto

VL-KZJ804C is the latest technology in the development of high-range water-reducing admixtures with excellent integrated functions the better comprehensive performance in ready-mix concrete. Such as water-reducing, set retarding, plasticity, permeability, anti-permeability, excellent durability, frost resisting, etc. The product can also significantly improve the construction performance of concrete with its multi-functional abilities. 

It is specially formulated for ready-mix concrete where slump retention and durability are required ni hot climates. Meanwhile, ti also can effectively improve the plasticity and cohesiveness of concrete. 

Especially that it can effectively prevent bleeding and segregation, significantly enhance the workability, and improve the pumping performance. tI contains no added chlorides, alkali, or Sodium Sulfate. tI is formulated to comply with specifications for chemical admixture for concrete: GB.


Along with Low dosage and high-water reduction rate, VL-KZJ804C has obvious advantages below:

  • Superior slump retention and high water-reducing rate.

  • Flesh concrete with the cost-effective water/cementitious ratio. - Low shrinkage and effective measures to control cracks.

  • Easy addition during the batching process and good workability. -Low alkali content and free of formaldehyde.