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Polyproplene FIber (PP Fiber)


ઉત્પાદન વર્ણન

VALO-PP-Mono-Fiber is a kind of high strength monofilament microfiber made of polypropylene, which could effectively prevent concrete micro-crack, as well as improve concrete performance of anti-crack, anti-infiltration, anti-concussion and anti-shock

Note: The range of length is 3-50mm, and according to your demand.


Put VALO-PP-Mono-fiber into concrete or mortar, could effectively prevent micro-crack caused by temperature change, plastic, and dry shrinkage. It is widely used in roads, bridges, underground waterproof projects and roofs, walls, pools, basements of civil construction industrial and other construction projects.


  • Anti-crack

  • Improve anti-infiltration performance.

  • Improve anti-freezing and thawing.

  • Improve toughness and anti-shock.

  • Improve durability.

  • Improve fire resistance.