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Polyproplene Fiber (PP Fiber)

Micro-Fibers (Wave)

Descrição do produto

VALO-PP-Wave-Fiber is a kind of macro fiber made of polypropylene; it is also as substitute product of steel fiber with some specialties of thin fiber. Compared with steel fiber, it is more economic. It has the special features of anti-corrosion, easy to disperse and operate, and no damage to mixing equipment, etc.

Note: The range of length is 3-50mm, and according to your demand.


  1. For culverts support, natural terrain revetment and other support engineering, owe to its high anti-bending and tensile strength.

  2. For impounding reservoirs, low pressure-water pipes, and anti-infiltration of the basements, because of its high performance of anti-crack.

  3. For the position of high-speed running water, e.g., the spillways and sluice boards of Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering, because of its high performance of anti-impact and anti-abrasion.

  4. Better for concrete engineering in the condition of being corroded by seawater because it is made of synthetic resin with specialty of steel fiber.

  5. For bearing live load, such as the highway bridges, railways, and other engineering, because its high performance of fracture toughness, anti-stretch, anti-fatigue etc.


  • Decrease crack of concrete; increase intensity of anti-stretch, anti-bending, anti-breaking of concrete.

  • Decrease breakage when earthquake or other terrible natural disasters happen.

  • Decrease inner fatal defect of concrete; increase anti-infiltration performance of concrete.

  • Protect steel bar from corroding; increase durability of concrete structure.

  • Increase abrasive resistance of concrete.

  • No abrasion to mixing equipment.

  • Prevent damage to tires.