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Leading supplier of Silica Fume in the world Supply capacity 500,000 mt/Yearly

VALO Concrete Plus's dedication to quality Silica Fume and sustainability


VALO Concrete Plus Limited, a subsidiary of AMI Group, has been a leading supplier of Silica Fume for over two decades. With an annual supply capacity of approximately 500,000 metric tons, we are the largest Silica Fume provider in China. We pride ourselves on delivering not only high-quality products but also professional technical support to our valued customers.


As a major supplier of eco-friendly cementitious materials and concrete additives, VALO caters to the global market with a strong commitment to sustainability. Our products aid our clients in reducing carbon emissions, enhancing concrete performance, and lowering costs.


With a stable supply capacity, consistent product quality, and   competitive pricing, VALO stands as the premier Silica Fume supplier worldwide. We are confident that we can deliver exceptional value to our clients.

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